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Branded Computer
Strong Approach towards troubleshooting of assembled and branded computer
Laptop Computers
Strong Approach towards troubleshooting of assembled and branded computer (including fault finding, hardware failure, application failure).
computer and storage device dedicated to storing files. Any user on the network can store files on the server. Printserver: a computer that manages one or more printers, and a network server is a computer that manages network traffic. Database server: a computer system that processes database queries.
Projectors / Presentation Products
Mitsubishi classroom projectors are the budget-wise choice for teachers and educators who change rooms frequently. Stretch your budget by purchasing these compact models that can easily move among many locations. And though theft isn’t a pleasant subject, it is a reality. We include anti-theft security features in many installation and mobile projectors to help you meet the challenge of protecting your assets.
Dot Matrix Deskjet & Laser Printers
printer is an electromechanical device which converts the text and graphical documents from electronic form to the physical form. Generally they are the external peripheral devices which are connected with the computers or laptops through a cable or wirelessly to receive input data and print them on the papers. A wide range of printers are available with a variety of features ranging from printing black and white text documents to high quality colored graphic images.
Pen Drive
Storage devices have become smaller and more reliable with more and more information being stored on hard disks and pen drives, thus eliminating
Computer Maintenance
In our showroom at Rohini we have stock of all Computer Products such as Peripherals, Accessories, Internet Connections,Invertor and Fax Machines. Here we also give home delivery of our products.
Computer Networking
We provide networking solutions in Windows,Unix, Linux and NetWare. You can trust us for a small home office LAN to wide area connectivity invloving usage of latest hubs and switches, routers etc.
Customized Software Solution
We undertake software development and customization and have developed software packages in the field of Accounting ,Invoicing & sales analysis, Stock & Purchase order monitoring system, Production planning & control, Customer Supplier Information Systems & Purchase management system and Fees Collection. 

Apart from these we also have developed customised software for lottery organisers, Restaurants, Pension calculation & information systems for CGO’s , Exporters, Distributors, Automobile dealers & workshop, Toolrooms, Shops, Labs, Schools and Health centre.
Ink Cartridge
magnificent devices that have revolutionized the method we publish text, graphics and photographs both at residence and in the headquarters. Through utilize of  printer ink cartridges , these reasonably priced devices permit you to perform jobs that the once the solitary conserve of enthusiastic printing houses. You can produce documents with occupied color graphics, photographs of specialized superiority, and of itinerary pages of crunchy text.
Antivirus Software
An anti-virus (AV) system based on a hardware-implemented AV module for curing infected computer systems and a method for updating AV databases for effective curing of the computer system. The hardware-based AV system is located between a PC and a disk device. The hardware-based AV system can be implemented as a separate device or it can be integrated into a disk controller
Computer Keyboards / Mouse
  Buy Keyboards and Mice from Logitech, Microsoft, Razer, Kensington, ... Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.TE Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for PC    
Compact Flash Memory
  CompactFlash (CF) card is a popular memory card developed by SanDisk in 1994 that uses flash memory technology to store data on a very small card.    
Optical Mouse
  Optical mouse is a computer pointing device that uses a light-emitting diode (LED), optoelectronic sensor and digital signal processor (DSP) to detect changes in    
Computer Peripherals & Consumables
Pen Drive, USB Hard Disk, Toner etc.
Annual Maintenance Contract Service
We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for Information Technology infrastructure for Corporates, Institutions, small companies, Government and NGOs. Our aim is to keep your IT systems running smoothly with our IT Maintenance services irrespective of the size of your business, this includes hardware and software support. We also take repairing of computers, Printers , Ups , Monitors and other add-on cards & peripherals.
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